JV Italian Design
Jannelli&Volpi has been working since a while on a product completely sustainable and “pvc free” with the same look, feel and performance of luxury vinyl wallcovering.

Questo supporto è altamente performante e mantiene le medesime caratteristiche di un prodotto vinilico.

Si ottengono quindi,  tramite goffratura a caldo, rilievi termoformati permanenti che danno un aspetto tridimensionale, resistente, durevole, lavabile, ignifugo, resistente alla luce e di facile applicazione e manutenzione con aspetti estetici e grafici attrattivi dall’alta resa cromatica.


EcotechWall is produced as follows:

  • Free from polyvinyl chloride
  • Free from phthalates
  • Free from azodicarbonamide
  • Free from organic material
  • Free from heavy metals
  • Printed using water-based ink
  • In compliance with European regulations on indoor emissions

JV 800 Tierra will be the first collection to feature this material.

From now on, the whole JV 800 line will be marked as 100% green and respectful of the environment.

Inspired by the natural elements of Madagascar, JV 800 Tierra is a journey into a mix of cactus and flowers, blizzards and birds. Colors and textures remind us how beautiful is our Earth!